The Dirty Spiders

Spiders writes stories that bubble out of his weird brain in forms of fictional fetishes and character studies. He is fascinated by male psychology, consciousness, objectivity, love and compassion. He writes whatever comes to mind but typical themes include Gay-Bears, 'Daddy' Characters, Magic, Care-Doms, Beards, Tobacco, Object TF, Inanimate TF, NBM, morality, and., gay love & romance. He does accept commissions, but there are currently one or two in the queue and he is a *slow* worker and a conceptual perfectionist first. Unless you want his specific style, there are faster, better, cheaper and more professional writers on GSS. Feel Free to DM him or visit his office (his office is his DM channel on Discord) but other than offering you a tumbler of aged whiskey—basic manners—he tends not to RP anymore. *Out there / Abstract Weirdness* [The Very Last Time]( Veg TF / Sadness / Death / Love [Mating with Pops Series]( Furries / Euthanisia / Lying / Ethics [Abe, The Fugitive]( Mind Palace / Possession / Suspense *Object / Inanimate Transformations* [Pipe Repair]( Inanimate TF / Pipe Smoking / Fleshlight / father-in-law [The T-Shirt Parts I & II]( Clothing TF / Drone / Magic / Homophobia [The Sleepovers Series]( Inanimate TF / Friend's Dad / Coming of Age *Bizarre / Wholesome Love Stories* [Monster Act Series]( Monster lore / Infatuation / Morality [The Sea horse Series]( Alien Sex / Male Pregnancy / Unplanned [PizzaDaddy]( Anti-Gay Conversion / Homophobia / Daddy Bear
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