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Author Title Published
Author Title Published
Harry wants to grow and get over some of the toxic decisions he has made in his past. Draco Malfoy wants to put Harry in his place during their reunion to Hogwarts.
2528 words
Matt is a fit young men who shows up for a gig as massage model. The senior students are quite pleased.
2212 words
Officer Stephens wanted to hear Marcus’s tragic tale, and as much as the boy didn’t want to relive it, he decided to put his trust in the police. This is the story of his abduction. This is the story of how he was enslaved.
A captured warrior must show his loyalty to a new master.
3194 words
Ben wanted to party and bought a ton of drugs on credit. But now the bill has come due. What price will the mysterious Mr. E extract from him?
Having a corrupt detective in your pocket is great. There always seems to be cute, fit, naive targets in police custody that are just begging to be enslaved. Fortunately, me and and detective Stills have the means, methods, and, of course, the money to make it happen.