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5/14/22, 2:12 AM
First of all, that dinner was absolutely hilarious and wholesome. The conversation as the dad gets drunker is just fantastic. Whatever has happened between Allan and Cody is the stuff of dreams. Each moment they spend alone is as erotically charged as it's intensely romantic. The candor with which they express their feelings is intoxicating; and it's the sweetest thing. Can't wait to see how Xander fits in the puzzle and everything else you've just set up. Hopefully I won't wait another ten years. Thank you for sharing, Nocturne!

5/28/22, 10:10 PM
Completely agree @Essex! The dinner scene was brilliant. And I love the perfect mix of the erotic and romantic between our boys :) I too hope we get to see more of them!
5/27/22, 4:50 PM
Idk why, but this makes me wonder. What can the implants do? Could they rewrite memories? Was Juan really a willing subject, or has he been tricked into believing that? Honestly the idea of Juan being tricked into being dronified, and then year after year being given a "choice" on leaving, but not, is just so hot. Maybe it's not even a choice. Maybe the implant forces him to choose to stay, even tho subconsciously he may want to leave. Idk. I would love to see Juan get dominated more. Maybe when he wakes up next time he wants to end the contract. But owner doesn't like that choice, and thus makes the choice for juan
5/27/22, 4:40 PM
You're off to a promising start. A dystopian world where gay men are enslaved by straight men is quite different from most of the stories posted here and I look forward to seeing where you take this.
5/27/22, 12:29 PM
This is really hot! Love the mix of magical compulsion and bondage.
5/26/22, 5:40 AM
yes it would be good to be taken and mind reduced
5/25/22, 10:34 AM
Pretty impressive, and definitely a hot concept. As others have said, it does feel written in a hurry. The fact that it was done on commission is irrelevant, from a pure _technical writing_ perspective it's just... it has a bit of a first-draft feel. A couple of specific suggestions: 1. There's actually only one instance (that I caught) of character-name confusion, which is better than average TBH, but in this sentence: "Nate got more jeers and laughs from the lads, but Nate stepped in." the second "Nate" should be "Sean". 2. Using two completely different meanings for "tank" simultaneously is distracting. I would change all instances of "tank" as a storage container for — well, I guess cum — to "vat". (Which you actually do also use at one point, but then slip back into "tank".) Because, for example, this: > Sean continued “You were always gonna come here man! I knew you would THE SECOND they said they needed a tank to take all this-“ he slapped his hand onto the huge tank, collected partly from the huge freak that was being drained beside him. would be way easier to follow like this: > Sean continued “You were always gonna come here man! I knew you would THE SECOND they said they needed a tank to take all this-“ he slapped his hand onto the huge vat, collected partly from the huge freak that was being drained beside him.
5/24/22, 12:49 AM
I feel like I've read this story before. Was it previously posted? Did the commissioner have you doing a re-write of an existing story? Also... linking to your tumblr at the end destroys the anonymity for contest purposes, the reviewer should have caught that and eliminated the link. That out of the way, I did enjoy this story because it appeals to my fetishes. I particularly love any scene where a musk-controller pulls the victim's head into his armpit - I'll take that over "look into my eyes" any day of the week. The transformation sequence was fairly well done and was certainly enjoyable. The twist of needing a smarter victim to start with because of the dumbing down nature of the muscle growth transformation is a neat gimmick, though not a new one I don't think (again... that nagging feeling I've read this story before!) The story did need some editing passes for typos and clarity. I tend to enjoy stories by this author, though this one is very hot it's not actually his best writing. Other stories by him have better polish and tighter editing.

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
5/24/22, 3:17 AM
@amul Its my story but you have a point about my tumblur, ill remove the story and repost blank as I don't wanna be seen to cheat or anything.

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
5/24/22, 3:20 AM
@amuli turns out I can edit it. :) so I removed my tumblur. I had no intention of ruining it. Plus thanks for ya kind words. I wrote it by comission and thought it fitted perfectly. You may have seen shared on tumblur as I posted it there too.

5/24/22, 7:52 PM
@The Author (name hidden due to challenge) Thanks for removing the link. Reposting an older story for a challenge is fine, as long as it hasn't been posted on GSS before.
5/24/22, 5:38 PM
oh very nice will have dreams about thiss
5/23/22, 8:33 PM
No, not Cubster! Professor remains, and I'm rooting for the bad guy. Can't wait till next chapter!

5/24/22, 3:21 AM
@Essex Always fun to root for the bad guys👹 Thanks for commenting!
5/24/22, 1:35 AM
I get the impression that the professor plans on keeping his new slaves after the game. I like his thinking.

5/24/22, 3:20 AM
@Marik29 😈