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2/6/23, 3:44 PM
very hot story any new chapters planned?

2/7/23, 7:03 AM
@[Benv](/user/show/115794) Absolutely!
2/7/23, 4:30 AM
Please! I have to see Harry's next move and how he submits to Draco!
1/31/23, 11:54 PM
Ahhhhhhhh, we might be getting near a reveal!!!!!! Or at least the storylines are getting tied together! Oh god, with how close Jasper and Rhys are getting, if they see "Jewel" and how much Autolius can twist people, it's going to be devastating!😱

2/7/23, 3:23 AM
@[BobbyBlobfish](/user/show/700733) Time: “Aahhh! We are right there with you. There so many different threads that are finally linking up. We're just as curious about what will happen when they do. Thanks for encouraging us with your comments.” Cuddle-switch: Yeah, I love it when things tie together and intertwine like this. It's challenging, but I really hope we can pull it off!
1/31/23, 1:56 AM
After the cruelty that was the cliffhanger of the last chapter, I'd been dying to see this finished. Thank you for continuing the story. The shell-shock of Kaze and Iskios is so relatable and conveyed so well. I enjoy their conspiring with the twins and Marin as well. The flirting between Iskios and Marin was adorable and gave me a smile. Aris is definitely showing his true colours to our thieves and it is hot and nefarious. And hot. Julian becoming Jewel was exquisitely done. I really felt the slipping away of the memories. The early pride and use as a distraction falling into uncertainty, confusion, and then laughing at something and seconds later not knowing why. Chillingly methodical, eradicating memories and twisting him into a pet. But he'll be much happier and taken care of, right? The chipper Jewel explaining how happy he is as a pet in Julian's own voice was evil. I felt how much that would undermine distraction and resistance. As jarring as it would be. In a very good way for the story. Finally, Rhys and Jasper are so wonderful and sweet together. I adore the growth in their relationship from involuntary pet to eager service pet and lover. They're really bonded. The way that Rhys truly listens to what Jasper says. Like the brand of beer, or that the river is important to him. It's so beautiful and makes my heart swell. Scorching hot sex scenes on balconies put the (not a) cherry on top as well. Even that, Rhys instructing Jasper to focus on the pleasure that Rhys is giving him rather than making it good for Rhys. How it overcomes Jasper. Eh hem. Yes. Very good. Love this world you've made, the series and the characters. I NEED to know what happens. So no pressure or anything but you're writing right now, right? ;)

2/7/23, 3:16 AM
@[Evan Jackson](/user/show/133763) Cuddle-switch: I'm very glad the shock of the characters came through. I hadn't had to do that much in TTRPG or in writing, but I appear to pull it off okay each time. Time: “It's interesting to write a moment like this where there is no immediate action you can take to resolve the problem. For me, Iskios's flirting is sort of about that. Since there's not anything that he can do, he flirts to distract himself.” Cuddle-switch: I'm also glad that we can finally show Aris being a bit more overtly villainous. **grins evilly** I'm glad you like it! Putting words on the screen and actually *writing* villains is new to me as well. Time: “Up until now, we've seen an Aristotle appear completely convinced that he is doing the right thing, that he knows best, even for other people, whether that's his own pets, Rhys, Jasper, or anyone else. In this chapter, we get to see another layer to that: that he is serving his own interests, but doesn't seem able to fully acknowledge that.” Cuddle-switch: I learned a lot from Time during the whole bit with Julian becoming Jewel. I've never had to go that deep and specific before. I really need to give Time the credit here, as it is one of those points where they did the most heavy lifting. Time: “What's interesting about something like Julian becoming Jewel is that it would take so long for this to actually happen that it can feel very daunting to try and stay in the moment. So, my strategy here was to take snapshots of the moment instead. I'm glad that it resonated with you, because this kind of scene is hard to land.” Cuddle-switch: I really like doing the wholesome bits with Jasper and Rhys. It's so nice to see them progress together like this. It almost makes me regret whenever we plan to pull the rug out from under them. ...He says not foreshadowing anything. Time: “Evan, as you know, the writing room in my head is full of CW showrunners. I love their sweetness, and I want them to be happy, but I have cursed them to live in interesting times instead. If you like, I give you full rights to the Coffee Shop AU.” C-s: Ditto. Time: “Thank you for being so supportive of our weird half-smut, half-sci-fi intrigue thing. WE really appreciate you and the care that you give to all of you comments.”
Jan 22, 2023
2/6/23, 9:28 PM
Great hot story! The mind control process is well described and gave me a strong hardon before the blow job sequence that wasn’t essential (in my opinion but other people can find it important). The idea of braces, permanently stuck inside your mouth, being a mind control device in reality is very interesting. Thank you for sharing your kink through this story 👍
9/2/22, 11:18 AM
Yeey, thx for chapter Still loving it and can't w8 for more

9/3/22, 4:50 AM
@Iriefal, thanks so much! Glad you liked it :grinning:

2/6/23, 8:11 PM
@[Blackjinx123](/user/show/10001139) More please. Have been rereading the series. Well written and creative mind.
2/6/23, 4:42 PM
Hope more comes.
2/6/23, 4:14 PM
OMG This is amazing!
2/6/23, 4:08 PM
This is absolutely amazing. I can't wait for more punishments and modifications!
2/6/23, 4:04 PM
Wow! This really set me off. Maybe because I’m on tray 5 of 18. Hope there’s more. Gotta wonder if those ear buds can also introduce sounds. Like overnight when he’s asleep?