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10/5/22, 6:07 PM
Good start would like to
10/5/22, 11:03 AM
Very interesting. Lots of good set up but a bit of a tease. Can’t wait to see where you take this.

10/5/22, 12:50 PM
@Mrdick Thanks, with luck the rest of it will be posted throughout this week.
10/5/22, 6:06 AM
Ok, this chapter is intriguing! I definetely wanna see the next.

10/5/22, 12:49 PM
@Sexcrab I hope you enjoy the rest, it's all done so it will be posted throughout the week.
10/4/22, 8:30 PM
The ending 🥺🥺
10/3/22, 2:30 AM
Strange to think of Hydra wearing their insignia so openly, but overall great story. Poor Thor. He really needs a chance to rest and relax, perhaps in Tahiti. It's a magical place.
10/2/22, 7:24 PM
I hope you plan to write more. I like what you have written so far.
10/2/22, 4:13 PM
Amazing story! Please keep it up! I think they should both shrink to as small as possible
10/2/22, 2:43 PM
10/2/22, 9:36 AM
That poor god will be made into an animal of pleasure,this will be good
10/2/22, 1:40 AM
This is so hot: the pacing is delicious, and the premise and your writing style are both excellent.