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6/1/23, 7:07 AM
The persona of Markus and Stanley are not just one dimensional, they exhibit layers of complex emotions. That kind of exposition is rare on this site. Nice writing, Puff.
6/1/23, 6:15 AM
I have the sense that we are under the spell of a masterful writer, who carefully lays out his characters and story line in a very meticulous way.
6/1/23, 5:50 AM
Hoping our psyco poindexter taking Cody to himself in next chapter!
5/30/23, 11:02 PM
Fuck yeah! Hope all these slaves are lucky enough to be locked permanently…even if they don’t realize that.

5/31/23, 7:11 PM
@[Gingcub](/user/show/10000534) They never do😈
5/31/23, 2:05 PM
I get it's not ok but I would have liked to see Skippy try to explain himself. He is a very sheltered homophobic person at the start and that might be the only term he go l could know and also didn't think it was wrong to pry. Still get punished but could have tried to talk his way out of it. I still love the progression on the story and can't wait to read the next chapter.
5/31/23, 9:41 AM
Anyone know how to put the equipment into my harem boys? I can only equip on my main character.

5/31/23, 9:47 AM
@[Hautehawt](/user/show/1009866) Go to the Harem, click a boy, and on the right hand side you'll see a bar with squares and a yellow arrow up and red x. This is the equipment bar. The equipment is totally separate from the player's equipment. Write me a pm if you need more help, the GH discord would be a better place to discuss this anyway.
5/31/23, 8:43 AM
Yeah, a slow build, but a good one. You're sucking me into the characters and story line.
5/30/23, 6:45 AM
So given the amount of feedback I’m getting sounds like this was not a popular avenue. So I’m working on a rewrite and will post it here soon. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions everyone. Although a few of you may wanna go ask a trans person how they feel about that particular word. In the states where I’m from it’s a very not okay thing to say to a trans person and just about everyone knows they shouldn’t use it. However given the context of this chapter and how things have been going yes, Skippy did not mean it maliciously it was just the only real word he knew and it slipped out, and this would be an overreaction on Titans part. So. Rewrite incoming soon.

5/30/23, 12:24 PM
@[Alpha Artemis](/user/show/1997819) Thank you for showing such a respect for your readership and our reactions to your work. i appreciate you for hearing us, thank you for taking our concerns for the story seriously, but i wonder if a rewrite is necessary. All characters are able to have flaws. Titan CAN make mistakes, this could be one, this chapter doesn't have to be rewritten, but it can be a showcase that Titan is just as human as anyone and he can show humility and compassion by apologizing and promising to be a better alpha to the whole pack including Skippy next time. You wrote a fantastic chapter that totally flows with what these characters WOULD DO in this situation. i absolutely stand by your original work as you have it posted. even if it makes me upset, i repeat what i said earlier, it just means that you wrote EXCELLENT characters that make us feel real empathy. I once again advocate that This chapter can stand as it does, and we can use it to build bonds between skippy where he sees that Titan, big, strong alpha himself, can be sorry. can apologize. can ask, even beg forgiveness, and be NO LESS a strong alpha for it. Show skippy how to be a better man even when at fault, while gathering him in closer to the pack. You wrote an excellent chapter, and popular or not stories are about strife and overcoming said strife, i believe that you have written an EXCELLENT conflict that these characters can overcome together. and regardless of if it causes setbacks in skippy or not, that is still more obstacles for the characters to overcome, which i see as wonderful. your decision is of course your own, and i will respect it and gleefully welcome any and all chapters you post. i just hope that our feedback hasn't caused you any upset. Thank you for such an amazing story Artemis.

5/30/23, 8:20 PM
@[Alpha Artemis](/user/show/1997819) I completely agree with @[Mind Labyrinth](/user/show/910312). I acknowledge that my reaction is effected by living in a country in which you will never hear this term. Not knowing the full severity of this word have probably made me more forgiving than a reader from an English speaking country, which hurt the idea you were trying to pass. However, Mind Labyrinth had put it excellently. Asking for forgiveness is not weakness and learning so would do great for Skippy. Also, Learning that even Titan is still human might bring them more close together. He won't be the strict, all knowing mastermind anymore. Instead he would be a loving fatherly human being who wants the best for his pack and will do anything for them, which is far greater.

5/31/23, 2:16 AM
@[Mind Labyrinth](/user/show/910312) I agree with your point. @Alpha Artemis I'm sorry if my comments made you feel uncomfortable, I appreciate your vision and creativity, it's what Mind Labyrinth say. I won't say more, in order to not make you feel unconfortable, pal, sorry.

5/31/23, 3:29 AM
@Anonymous O no your fine. I appreciate the feedback. I really do. It’s making me think a lot.

5/31/23, 3:38 AM
@[Alpha Artemis](/user/show/1997819) Eh, Titan went overboard without investigating the situation but people _do_ do that. I'd just roll with it and have Titan cool off a bit, think it over, and apologize for punishing without knowing what the circumstances were. That's what a good parent would do anyway. The bad ones, of course, are always "right" no matter what and their children are gaslit and terrorized into accepting they were at fault no matter what. Obviously Skippy isn't a child but he is being regressed by this family so they'll have to take that into account.
5/30/23, 9:46 PM
Another great chapter! Hope there’s more to come!
5/30/23, 2:19 AM
Matt is definitely smarter than he lets on. And if (more like when) he plays his cards right with this hunt, Jake is going to be bound to him on several levels. And the looming threat of what Billy would do to him is going to play right into Matt's hands.

5/30/23, 3:36 PM
@[Marik29](/user/show/10021139) That’s an interesting theory…we’ll have to see!

5/30/23, 9:28 PM
@[SlaveBoyJG](/user/show/10017787) It would be a great way to cement their 'relationship'. Or maybe he will come to rescue if another hunter gets him. But I might be just as wrong. Maybe somehow Billy and Callum will catch him. The idea of permanent chastity for a slave is a hot one. Maybe even Jake will experience what its like being rubber slave. And thank you btw for being so consistent in publishing your chapters. This is really appreciated.