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7/20/24, 5:40 PM
I really enjoyed this, despite not actually liking Harry Potter As a franchise. Great work.
6/22/24, 6:54 PM
What the shit?! This shouldn't be a chapter. It's far too short.

6/22/24, 9:26 PM
@[musclejunky](/user/show/10019676) It was either this on not posting for a month. It shows the word count before you open the chapter. If you didn't want to read something this short that's on you.

7/20/24, 1:19 PM
@[musclejunky](/user/show/10019676) Don't be a dick.
7/19/24, 9:03 PM
Love this!!

7/20/24, 1:15 AM
@[Furrybttm40](/user/show/10010813) thank you - it truly means a lot.
Jul 19, 2024
7/20/24, 12:17 AM
Hot story, love your start!
7/19/24, 6:50 PM
Awesome - then you can expect more of all that in the coming stories! Sometimes readers ask for things and I think uh-oh that won't be coming, lol (or I try to be creative and stretch myself in a new direction). And, yeah, fucking as payment is, as they say, the oldest profession, so I found it really hot putting a double twist on it to be a proper payment. Only *acknowledged* fucks as payment - like most of the value of the fuck is the status gained from *everyone else* knowing you had leverage over a peer (or, better yet, a superior). It's almost exhibitionist, ha. And, as you said, the forbearance of the bottom is the second critical ingredient. After all, if the bottom enjoyed the fuck, how would it be worthy of status? You might as well fuck your wife, lol. So, yeah, if the brewer hadn't had the coin (just been some poor sap offering a bend), Michael would've had the fuck of his life and *still* left feeling cheated out of payment! lol - I don't know why I find arbitrary fucked-up societal rules so hot!
7/18/24, 5:18 PM
Bought the book. Can’t wait for the sequel!

7/19/24, 5:56 PM
@[rojohber](/user/show/149379) Thanks, bud! Feel free to share what parts/characters you like - helps me with story development. ;)

7/19/24, 6:00 PM
@[Colin DV](/user/show/10038060) Oh fuck yeah. Well, I love the whole concept of “role reversal” and “small Dom big sub” kinda vibes. The idea that fucking is a normal kinda form of payment; that it’s not supposed to be enjoyed; that this big “powerful” man is supposed to hate it, but ends up enjoying it, and actually loves it and deeply wants that and is both kinda confident with it yet still bothered by it. That he still asks for the 2 coin in payment!! Hah! (And later in your book - the idea of “creating” what kinda feels like a thrall or otherwise slave / submissive figure - and it’s this hot jocky dad with a personality that’s way more powerful than you (in some sense)??? Fucking hot. Love it. Cherish it.
7/19/24, 3:36 PM
hell yeah, so hot and bothered for more
7/19/24, 2:33 PM
I am pleased you are enjoying it, U.K.guy. I have begun Chapter 3, taking him further into meeting his needs, Sir.
7/19/24, 2:30 PM
Thanks William.P. Glad you like it. Chapter 2 is now up. Hopefully it adds to your enjoyment, Sir.