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2/26/24, 1:13 AM
I’m loving this slow burn!!
2/25/24, 4:41 PM
such a great installment. Sounds like Smokey could use a smoke after all that growing!

2/25/24, 8:23 PM
@[cigar_muscle](/user/show/17400) You're right! Smokey himself has said how he got his nickname because of his stogies, yet we haven't seen him smoke once, yet! I will fix that very soon.
2/25/24, 8:14 PM
Amen Currious! He’s turned us into total sluts for the next chapter. My name is John Roger’s and I’m a slut for Jack Parker’s stories.
2/25/24, 8:03 PM
As someone who deeply enjoys demon transformations and rarely gets to read it… thank you 😈
2/25/24, 7:02 PM
Wild. Hope this is a series
2/25/24, 3:42 PM
Begging for this series to be continued. 😭
2/25/24, 2:45 PM
Another amazing installment. Another step into be totally enthralled by the Parker Fsmily Universe and the mind of its Creator. You kind of turn your readers into sluts for your mind and yeah it's a great experience. Thank you.
2/25/24, 2:10 AM
Love the variety of body types and attitudes. Can't help but wonder if there isn't going to be a mix-up in protocols: imagine Greg and Smokey getting shots designed for the other. Seems like studly Dr Troy has been getting a little careless lately...

2/25/24, 11:25 AM
@[laocoon](/user/show/10002109) Tho not my plan, that would be fun! I have a scene in my head for Greg — I hope I get to do it — involving the pond…
2/25/24, 12:12 AM
Jesus Christ! Man, this is insane! Well written, hot as hell, amazing set up, faggot got his dues. Fuck, this could make you question some things about your place in the world. Better with every read. Thanks man!

2/25/24, 12:58 AM
@StrongDom Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed...maybe hit me up if you need to talk something through. -JT
2/24/24, 11:06 PM
What's that bible verse? Oh yeah - "and a child shall lead them."