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Long-time reader (all the way back to when this was NCMC) and recent writer. I love wacky high-concept stories that put a fun, unique spin on mind-control erotica. Tentatively considering taking commission. Message me on the site forum if you're interested.
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General info: Looking to take commissions centered on gay male erotica, especially with fantastic elements, but willing to discuss in DMs! I’m fine writing from a simple prompt, but having a clear concept in mind is going to get you a faster turn-around. Rates: $20/1k words, minimum words 1k, max 10k. Willing to consider longer if you have something specific in mind and want to discuss it. Payment via Ko-fi. Editing: I’m willing to make a single round of light changes for free. Significant rewrites will cost more, starting at a minimum of $20, depending on the degree of rewrites. No: Scat, piss, gore, filth, or underage. Contact: Please use the site forum's messaging function for initial queries. Slot 1: Full | Slot 2: Full | Slot 3: Full Note: I have a pretty long waiting list at this point, but feel free to message me if you're interested in getting on it.
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