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Hey there, and welcome to my profile. I enjoy writing and worldbuiding, and everyone here enjoys hypnosis and transformations. I like to write stories, not just porn. (everyone knows the storyline is the best part of a porno anyway, right?) I write hypnosis from experience, and after someone got off to my anecdote, I decided to write more on the subject. I'm open to commissions! If you have a hypno/transformation related fantasy you want putting to words, hit me up. I also do photomanips, like the guy you see to the right. You got a picture you want spiral or glowing eyes, my inbox is open. Contact me through my email if you can!
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Howdy! I write, and I can do it for you! I will write about nearly anything hypnosis and transformation related, with only some very minor lines I won't cross. Not 100% on pricing, so I'll say around £8 for 1000 words. If you want me to write a story, tell me how long, we can sort out payment and I'll get to writing! Payments done through PayPal.
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