I'm a rookie writer. What I write are original and a bit fanfiction. Majority of my work is original, some have characters that do not belong to me. I also have works that are purely my own. I do fan-fictions but I tend to stay away from it at times. I want the characters to be as if they would do the same things in their world possibly. I believe I fail with that which is why I only mix them in with my own. That does not mean I will stop being a yaoi writer, I will strive to get better. Let me know anything I can do to improve, I will appreciate any options on improving my works. Other sites https://www.fanfiction.net/~jj1a http://members.adult-fanfiction.org.....?no=1296928720 http://www.quotev.com/lamaj97 https://jj1a.sofurry.com/ https://archiveofourown.org/users/juvia21/profile https://old.y-gallery.net/user/jj1a/ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/juvia21
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