Apr 30, 2022

### Rules for [GayCollarStories ](https://www.gaycollarstories.com) We've clarified the rules for [GayCollarStories ](https://www.gaycollarstories.com), especially the part about non-consensual scenarios. You can see the updated rules on the [New Story Submission page](https://www.gaycollarstories.com/story/create). There is now a new category for non-consensual stories. All stores containing any non-con scenario have to be placed into that category. We still insist that non-con scenarios have to be _**purely fictional in tone**_! That means that you cannot use any real drugs (GHB, Chloroform etc.) or describe a rape scene as it could really happen. It has to be absolutely clear that this is a completely unrealistic fantasy, not something anyone could actually make happen realistically. We've decided to allow already approved stories to remain on the site, even though some of them clearly violate that rule (which has been in effect all along!). In the future we will be more strict though. We encourage the authors of already published stories to edit them to make it clear that they're fictional, especially if you plan to add new chapters to them.