Apr 15, 2022

### Story approval process changed I have to admit, that due to the sheer amount of stories submitted to our sites, I have been neglecting my duties and allowed most stories to pass without really reading them. And to the credit of all our authors, this didn't cause any issue so far! But I've decided that I want to improve the process a bit just to be on the safe side. That's why I asked for people to help me, and I got an amazing response. So we now have a whole team of people sharing the approval duties, which should make it both faster and more reliable. Check out the [rules for each site](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/story/create) before submitting a story there. The rules differ slightly from site to site regarding the age of the characters allowed there and the handling of non-consensual acts. So please welcome our new approval team (listed alphabetical): [Braslu](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/10014806), [Cervello](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/354726), [hypnodazed](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/10021585), [Norismo](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/2849185), [S. Q. Neemie](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/767920), [Soren Fitz](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/10011670), [Swizzington](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/70704), [time.to.occur](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/1662851), [Transformheaven](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/295209), [Twan Andersen](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/10018149) and [txleatherman](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/1654704) The rest of the admin team, namely [Grant Spiral](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/57142), [MonsterMash62](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/3332), [mw-scot](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/31193), [Philip K.](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/10022196), [The Dirty Spiders](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/571676), and myself are also there to approve a story every once and a while, of course.