Apr 04, 2022

### Bogus challenge results listed but The [results of our latest challenge](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/storyCampaign/show/10000005) are now listed and the authors have been revealed! Unfortunately, there was a bug in the calculation that results in an unfair advantage for stories cross posted to multiple sites (i.e. also on Cupid or Collar). I've fixed that, but the corrected top 5 would look different with that fix. It might be unfair and look arbitrary for the current top 5 to change the ranking after they had already been awarded. I've started a [poll on Discord](https://discord.com/channels/536962838804299797/536965744840146977/960532276234571847) where you can add your opinion whether you want the original ranking to stand or would rather see it replaced with the fixed one. Especially authors who participated in the challenge should answer that poll. Sorry for all that confusion and discontent that has caused!