Apr 04, 2022

### Preliminary Challenge Results! The final [results of our latest challenge](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/storyCampaign/show/10000005) are now listed and the authors have been revealed! Please note that the results are only preliminary, as I suspect that there is an error in the calculation that favors stories which could be rated in more categories (as they've been x-posted to multiple sites). I have to find some time to check the math and validate them. So it could be, that the results will change a bit. I'll write a proper news once this has been done. Sorry for that. Nevertheless, my highest praise to all contenders in this challenge. There are some really amazing stories and I'm proud to have them on our sites! And... who the hell is Phillip K.? Please reveal yourself, I'm sure that this is not your first story! I promise you'll get away with just an afternoon in rubber, gagged and tied!