Feb 06, 2022

### New Story Challenge: ***[Turnabout](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/storyCampaign/show/10000005)*** **Note: There was a bug that made it impossible to submit stories to the challenge on any other site than Kinky. This has been fixed! If you tried to submit a story to a challenge and couldn't do it, please try again now. The checkbox should show up on the create and edit story pages! Sorry for the problem!** --- It has been quite a while since we've done a story challenge. Partly because of the new sites but also because of the "[Secret Santa](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/story/search?topic=&searchTerm=&tagList=secret+santa&tagSearchMode=and&useAlias=true)" challenge that has been organized by the authors themselves. This is the first challenge that includes all three sites ([GaySpiral](https://www.gayspiralstories.com/), [GayCupid](https://www.gaycupidstories.com/) and [GayCollar](https://www.gaycollarstories.com/)). Just a reminder that if you prefer to get all the stories from all three sites in one single place, [GayKinkyStories](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/) is the place to go. The deadline is **March 20th**, so there's plenty of time to write and submit your story! I'm really looking forward to all your great stories! Let the challenge begin!